On November 2nd the 11th China International Rubber & Plastics Technology, Equipment and Market Summit Forum was held in Guilin. At the meeting, Mr. Paolo Ronchi, Machinery and Equipment Manager of ALFAGOMMA Group, and Innovation Advisor® Eugenio Telleschi, co-founder of the Euro Inn Advisory srl, gave a wonderful report titled “Open innovation – A New business model – Opening up new markets, building new opportunities and inspiring bridges”.

The main contents of the report are summarized as follows:

  1. The introduction of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy outlines the interconnection of Asia-Europe. It strengthens partnerships and promotes economic policy coordination among countries along the route. It also develops a broader, higher and deeper level regional cooperation to jointly create an open, inclusive, balanced regional economic cooperation framework.
  2. Since the entry into the fourth industrial revolution in the world, the economic center has gradually shifted from traditional manufacturing industry to intellectual industry. The introduction of open innovation has defined new work and new professionals to come to the country, which helps industrial companies and effective solution providers to develop.
  3. The boundaries between the company and its surroundings become blurred: innovation is carried out inside and outside the company.
  4. The core idea of ​​pioneering and innovating is that the world is full of knowledge. Challenges are about how to foster, to catch, to select and to inject external knowledge inside companies. According to that, the company doesn’t need to rely entirely on the internal research, it can count on other companies authorizing them on specific tasks (patents, for example). Moreover innovation that cannot be carried out within the company can be carried out externally (for example, through authorization, joint ventures, asset splits).
  5. In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, the Italian/European countries provided new opportunities for various industries. This is a favorable guarantee for the incubation of technology R&D enterprises and innovative start-ups to accelerate growth.