Alfagomma Group is proud to announce that its subsidiary company “Alfagomma Oil & Marine”, located in Ortona, ltaly, has been awarded full ISO 9001 accreditation and has completed the prototype qualification process for multiple types of Oil Marine hoses in accordance with the industry guidelines GMPHOM 2009 and other industry standards such as BS EN 1765.

This is a milestone to bring the historic plant of Ortona up to full production and to re-employ those skilled workers who unfortunately lost their jobs. In July 2020, the Ortona plant was closed by its owner Yokohama lndustrial Products ltaly S.r.l.

In January 2021, Alfagomma Group acquired the land, building and machinery of the Ortona plant.

Since then, Alfagomma has been heavily investing in and improving the production efficiency of the plant and the organizational capabilities of the workforce as well as implementing a drastic refurbishment of the assets and more is to come in order to achieve excellence in the industry.

Alfagomma wishes to thank all the business partners and all those who have contributed to this important milestone with a spirit of professionalism and cooperation.

Special thanks go to Dunlop Argentina who have been instrumental in the process through its technical and commercial cooperation with Alfagomma Group, which started back in 2013 with the development and marketing of various Oil and Gas products.

Dunlop Argentina (at that point in time named Pirelli Argentina) started commercial activities in 1910 as part of the Pirelli Group selling imported products. In 1917, Pirelli Argentina started manufacturing industrial products. In 1955 a big step forward occurred with the acquisition and enlargement of the plant in Bella Vista. In 1994 Pirelli Argentina changed name to Dunlop Argentina.
Thanks to the cooperation with Dunlop Argentina, Alfagomma has increased its focus, knowledge and expertise in respect of Oil and Marine products, to the extent that in 2018 Alfagomma decided to acquire an industrial plant in Cellino Attanasio near the Alfagomma Hydraulic plant in Castelnuovo Vomano, the dimensions of which were ideal for the purpose of manufacturing Oil Marine hoses.

In 2020 Alfagomma was in the process of signing orders for machinery and equipment required to launch the large-scale production of Oil Marine hoses when, coincidentally, the closure and sale of the plant in Ortona became public, at which point an immediate decision was taken to negotiate the purchase of the Ortona manufacturing facility.

The legacy of the ltalian Pirelli’s proven technology for Oil Marine hoses still survives!

The continuation of the technical and commercial cooperation between Dunlop Argentina and Alfagomma will result in constant product improvements, performance, and reliability.

See the official announcement here.