Alfagomma designs, manufactures and supplies floating and subsea marine hoses with the highest technological content.
Supplying the oil marine industry through SAFEWAVE, Alfagomma offers a complete range of products to be installed in the offshore systems across the globe.

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Safe operations in the oil marine industry

Quality and reliability of marine hoses are guaranteed by Alfagomma cutting-edge technology designs for textile and metallic reinforced hose manufacturing, high standards from raw material to production, from testing to final qualification of the finished product.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing

The company excels by seamlessly integrating Industry 4.0 principles into its processes and manufacturing which translate in innovation, efficiency optimization and a comprehensive understanding of complex project requirements. Working closely with its partners delivers innovative products designed to meet the demands of the challenging oil marine environment and market.

Compliance with International Standards

Alfagomma oil & marine hoses adhere rigorously to industry standards and directives which include GMPHOM 2009, BS EN 1765, BS EN 1762. Additionally, a significant degree of customization is available to align specific requirements of individual customer projects.

Continuous Research & Development

Alfagomma manufactures the marine hoses in its Italian Plant situated in Ortona and boasts a cutting-edge Group’s Research & Development Centre which actively contributes to the design and material selection for Alfagomma’s marine hoses. A team of engineers, skilled in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Orcaflex, determine the hose specifications and string configuration.

Solutions for Oil Marine applications

  • CALM/SPM Floating Hoses
  • CALM/SPM Subsea Hoses
  • FPSO Floating Hose Tandem Loading
  • CBM/MBM Submarine Hoses
  • Reel System
  • Ship to Ship