Alfagomma Dogleg is an innovative and easy to install shock and vibration dampener solution for marine piping systems manufactured and fully tested in Italy.

A high-performance multiple directions movement compensator, Alfagomma Dogleg is designed for long service life in the most severe marine environments. The special design minimises submarine noise propagation, which is required to avoid sonar detection, and reduces noise pollution in military vessels.

Alfagomma Dogleg is made of two flexible hose assemblies connected by a 90° metal elbow. The high tensile textile cord reinforcement and the embedded steel helix wire ensure optimal performance in suction and delivery applications. Hose ends are swivel flanges available in stainless steel and aluminium-bronze for superior corrosion resistance.

Specially engineered for easy on-board installation and replacement by non-specialised field technicians, the solution results in minimum downtime and low maintenance costs.

Alfagomma Dogleg is revolutionary and very cost-effective if compared to other solutions currentlyavailable on the market.

The assembly meets the most stringent military and commercial shipbuilding standards:

  • RINA type approval for marine requirements (TAC)
  • European Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
  • MIL-STD-167 (vibration) and MIL-S-901 (shock).

Suitable for fuel, oil, sea and fresh water transfer.

Available in sizes DN50 to DN200 with a working pressure of 16 bar and 4:1 safety factor.

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