In September ALFAGOMMA do Brasil has obtained the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification by Brazil’s Tax Authority.

The AEO certification offers several benefits including reduced release times, lower rate of physical and document-based customs examinations in import and export operations, the possibility to submit pre-arrival declarations and to request immediate release of cargo. Operators can also save on transportation costs because goods are available faster. 

It was a long road to the AEO certification”, said Maurizio Barbini, General Manager for ALFAGOMMA in Latin America. “The process, which started more than a year ago, confirms our commitment to adhere to supply chain security standards. ALFAGOMMA do Brasil has joined a very selected group of only 200 AEO-certified companies in this country.

About AEO Certification Program

Developed according to WCO SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade, AEO Program aims to improve international supply chain security and to facilitate legitimate trade. The AEO certification is granted by the Customs authorities to trusted companies that voluntarily meet a range of criteria and demonstrate that risks associated with the security of cargo throughout the logistics chain have been minimized.