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Manipulated steel tube

Manipulated steel tubes, built to OEM specification, complement our range and deliver an integrated “port to port” hydraulic system.

Production process

ALFAGOMMA Group Global OEM customer base is supported through 10 Hydraulic Manipulated  Tube production sites worldwide.

The range features:

  • Carbon and Stainless Steel
  • Diameters from 4 to 200 mm   –   3/16” up to 8”
  • High production accuracy
  • 3D Geometry measurement technology
  • High cleanliness level (up to NAS 5, ISO4406 16/14/11 or better)

Plant and Equipment

ALFAGOMMA  state of the art production and quality control equipment


Manual – Automatic Welding

Welding process and procedures are  ACCREDIA  approved. An independent accredited third party



Braze Furnace Welding



Low pressure testing

  • 5 bar pressure – in water bath.

High pressure testing

  • max 1000 bar


Surface Treatment:

  • Zinc plating
  • Powder  coating


Internal tube cleaning

High cleanliness level up to:

NAS 5 – ISO4406 16/14/11